Built tough to withstand industrial environments.

Our Tuff-Deck vehicle scales come in either steel or concrete to suit your industry and application. They feature our Rocker Pin self-restoring design load cell, 30-tonne capacity each, with 150% safe working overload, and 350% ultimate overload capability. We also carry a complete line of accessories from digital weight indicators, printers, and remote displays to bar code systems, computerized scale house ticketing systems and unattended weigh stations.


concrete side rail truck scales

Concrete Tuff-Deck Siderail Scale九龙娱乐网软件ios

Our concrete side rail vehicle scales are built with superior strength and durability in mind.

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Steel Tuff-Deck system

Steel Tuff-Deck Scale九龙娱乐网官方下载

For long-lasting performance and durability, our Steel Tuff-Deck weigh system is the perfect solution. Ideal for all of your industrial weighing needs.

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Pit Design Tuff Deck scale

Pit Design Tuff-Deck Scale九龙娱乐网软件ios

Our Pit Design Tuff Deck scales are designed for heavy use over years of service. Contact us to find a solution for you.

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Axle Weigh Scale

Axle Weigh Scale九龙娱乐网地址客户端

Our axle scales are an adaptable solution for vehicle and truck weighing. Contact us to find the system for you.

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We carry a full range of accessories to complement our vehicle scales. From tall mounts and hanging stairs to side skirts and secondary displays, we have the accessory you need to make your weigh scale operation complete.

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